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Citrus-based Spider Sprays

If you can stand the thought of having to deal with spider control on your own then you are not Arachnophobic. Perhaps, the reason why you want to repel and control spiders is not about fear or whatsoever; rather it is just your preference to live a spider-less life. Being a do-it-yourself advocate means wanting to make your own spider repellents too. Thus, this article is all about the natural spider repellents that you can make by yourself.

Is the use of natural control methods a good idea?

Although it is already a given fact that the most effective way to control pests, insects and other creatures is through the use of chemicals, there is still merit to using natural control methods. First, you would not want to expose your beloved pets to poisonous materials, don't you? If you use poisonous pesticides, there is a possibility that the poison hits non-target animals like your pets. In rare cases, even infants and toddlers are poisoned by such chemicals. Thus, if you are the kind of person who values safety above anything else, it can be said that the use of natural control methods to deal with spiders is a very good idea.

Repelling versus Killing

Since it has been established that if you want to do the control methods on your own you are definitely not an Arachnophobic person, those with Arachnophobia would never want to have anything to do with spiders except for stopping them from ever coming into their lives. Arachnophobic individuals would prefer to repel spiders and hinder them from ever entering the house in the first place. Nevertheless, there are certain methods that can kill spiders on the spot and many people who only got concerned about spider infestation right after they found out that spiders are already infesting in their homes have to deal with the extermination. The fact alone that they have not done anything prior to an infestation proves that they are not that concerned about spider infestation. Thus, we can conclude there that spider repelling is for Arachnophobics while spider extermination is for those who simply don't like spiders around them.

For Arachnophobics Wanting to Repel Spiders

Now, having known that you cannot stand the possibility of living with spiders under the same roof, you are confronted by the need to make certain that you make your house spider proof in the very place. Here is a simple spider repellent recipe which you can follow:

Citrus Spray

Do you know that spiders cannot stand the taste of citrus? I don't really know the scientific explanation behind this but from what I have read, spiders are said to be oversensitive to citric acid that exposure to it can kill them. So, having known this, let's make a fancy citrus-based spray that will surely repel spiders out of your house (apparently, spiders taste using their feet so, if you spray this on surfaces around your house, they will not even want to walk anywhere in your house).

You only need three things: (1) Any citrus fruit (orange, lemon, citronella, lime, etc.) or essential oils of these fruits, (2) water and (3) a spray bottle. If you are using real citrus fruits, boil the peelings of the fruits in water and that will be your entire spray mix. However, it is still better if you use essential oils because the citrus "taste" will be stronger if you use oils. Make sure that you are not using synthetic essential oils because these oils do no really have the same characteristics as the actual thing; you will only be wasting your efforts if you will do so. Do not buy the oil if it is labelled "fragrance oil", make sure you buy the "essential oil" or else your spray will be ineffective.

Do not be confused with the name "essential oil" and expect a liquid product that closely resembles that of oil, in fact, essential oils appear like water when it comes to consistency. You can buy these oils in most drugs stores but some grocery stores are also selling such products. These are laboratory-extracted oils from citrus fruit peelings and the oil retains most of the chemical characteristics of the fruit from which it is extracted from. Once you have the oil in your hands, mix it with some water. Make sure that you measure the amount of water accurately so that you will get the most effect from the essential oils. One quart of water is enough for exactly a teaspoon of 100% pure essential oil. Place the mixture in the empty spray bottle and shake well before you spray.

Choose areas in the house where spiders are most likely to lurk. You can spray the basement floor and ceiling, closets, garage, attic and other dark areas in your house. The solution might be too easy but this really works. In fact, I have tried this on my own and I haven't spotted any spiders in my attic for months now. Apart from being effective, the best thing I like about a citrus spray is that it is purely organic, non-toxic and very safe to use around pets and children.

If you do not have the time to make your own spray, you can simply buy a ready-made citrus-based spray in some pest control stores. However, most of these products are available only in online-based stores so you must be careful in making your purchases so that you can be sure that you are giving the most value for the money that you spend on spider control.

Last Reminders

Although essential oils are toxic-free and are generally safe to use around children and pets, when exposed to high concentrations, it may cause irritations, most especially in the eyes. Thus, it is still important for you to keep the essential oil concentrate someplace where kids and pets will not be able to reach them. Nevertheless, the use of spider sprays is still the best way to repel spiders at home.
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