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Though most spiders do not cause harm to people, homeowners find these creatures to be a nuisance due to several reasons. Firstly, small children or pets in the house feel frightened to see these furry eight-legged arthropods. Also, these creatures spin webs which make the house look dirty and unkempt. Along with dust and cobwebs, bacteria and other germs might also start breeding in the places infested by spiders. Various techniques are employed to get rid of spiders, e.g., spider traps, spider sprays, spider repellents, spider exterminators, etc. Among these various options, a spider spray is an effective way to get rid of spiders.

A spider spray of high-quality is able to kill spiders in an efficient manner. A person must not be parsimonious with his purchase of spider sprays. Since spiders are usually bigger in size as compared to the other household pests, the amount of spray required to kill a spider is also more. One major advantage of using a spider spray is that people spraying the exterminator or the repellant do not require touching the spider directly. Sprays made specifically for dealing with eggs of spiders are also available. This is in fact a more convenient method of exterminating spiders. With the aid of these specialized sprays a homeowner would be able to kill a spider without even having to view the creature.

Some insect sprays like Vipor are very effective in killing all kinds of spiders inside the house as well as in the surrounding areas. A person can spray Vipor in all areas where spider infestation is possible. These areas would normally include attics, basements, sheds, and various roof-corners. These insect-sprays are so powerful that their effect last for nearly six months. It must be remembered that spiders are needed for ecological balance too and these creatures keep the population of other insects under check. Hence, a house-owner must not go on killing spiders indiscriminately. Spiders present inside the house ought to be killed, but those present outside, unless poisonous, can be left alone.

Many people are not too comfortable with using chemical spider sprays / insect sprays / insecticides. These individuals prefer using a natural spider spray to solve their spider problems. Many homemade spider sprays have been found to effectively tackle the menace of spiders. There are quite a few naturally-procured scented oils like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, neem oil, rose oil, tea-tree oil, etc. used as spider sprays. These oils need to be mixed with water inside a spray-bottle and then spayed to the spider-infested areas.

People who suffer from Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) have excessive sweating, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, etc. Therefore it is important that these people live in houses that are made spider-proof. Natural ingredients should be used at first to keep the spiders away rather than killing them right away. Chemical insecticides have serious health consequences if ingested and should preferably not be used in houses that have children or pets. A very potent natural spider spray can be prepared by mixing proportionate quantities of neem oil, lavender, citronella, peppermint, tea- tree oil in a spray-bottle. The prepared solution needs to be sprayed around walkways, in dark corners of the rooms, crevices, attics, wall-cracks, around windowsills and baseboards, floorboards, and vents in the house.

According to experts, spiders have a capability to digest liquids readily. These creatures use their legs for locating their prey. After the prey has been caught, its juice is sucked by the spider. If spiders find any fluid to be unpleasant or repulsive they simply avoid digesting the substance. Exploiting this trait of the spider the natural repellants work. These substances do not kill the spiders. Rather, the spiders find the substances to be distasteful. The spiders get repelled and leave from the places where repellants are existent.

Another solution that spiders find repulsive is a mixture of lemon juice, dish soap, and hair-spray. White vinegar mixed with coconut oil has also shown to deliver satisfactory results in driving away spiders. These solutions should be shaken well inside the spray bottle and administered in locations where spiders are lurking. Therefore, there are many choices available for making natural spider spray and it should be given greater importance than the chemical / synthetic sprays.

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