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Preferable to Use Natural Products rather than the Chemical Substances

You would get various options while purchasing a spider insecticide, but not all of them might be suitable for your family or your house. It is important to note that spiders are required for maintaining balance in the ecology and other insects or pests would increase if spiders are killed indiscriminately. Certain chemical substances used in the artificial spider insecticides are toxic to human beings. Hence, keeping such insecticides in your house is risky if you have pets or small children. If you do need to use a chemical insecticide make sure that it is kept out of reach of children and pets.

In the old times, people used natural products as spider insecticides or spider repellents. But with advancement in technology, chemical spider insecticides started being introduced. People found that these new insecticides were extremely powerful and spiders were killed within a short time. But as time passed, the same people realized that hazardous effects were produced due to the rampant use of these insecticides. Most of the commercially available chemical pesticides are able to kill all species of spiders, but these products contain various chemicals that take nearly a year to get completely decomposed. Hence, many people have switched back to the old, natural methods of getting rid of spiders.

Repellants are safer than insecticides as those substances make the spiders leave the house instead of killing them. Experts have mentioned that safe and natural spider deterrents are easily available in nature, provided a person is a bit ingenious and sincere in his attempts to find one. Before using any spider insecticide you would need to first understand the psyche and habit of spiders. Spiders have a unique method of tasting their foods. These creatures use the taste-receptors present in their legs to determine whether a food is repulsive or tasty. Spider repellents therefore use substances which the spiders are not fond of and when they find these substances near them they move away from those sites.

The natural insecticides use essential oils like citronella oil or lemon as their constituents as these oils are detested by spiders. Spiders do not like the taste of cleaned products, and instead prefer to reside in dusty regions where they spin their webs. This underlines the significance of regularly cleaning dusty areas with a mix of water and detergent. You can also spread Osage hedge-apples and chestnuts in your backyard or around the peripheries of your house to get rid of spiders. Home-made natural spider insecticide not only helps to keep the earth safe but also reduces the risk to the homeowner’s near and dear ones. Making these insecticides at home is also a cost-effective method to get rid of spiders. Additionally, these products can be made quickly and swiftly in the house.

People often prepare a garden-mix by combining dried rosemary, lavender, tobacco and Pyrethrum-daisy leaves. This combination can be used as a powder or sprayed after being soaked in water for a night to prepare the solution. Another used as an effective insecticide is a combination of lemon and/or orange peels, mint/sage leaves, and lavender leaves. You would need to soak all these materials overnight and to get a powerful mixture in the morning. This mixture then needs to be strained and half of it needs to be mixed with witch-hazel. Finally, an extremely powerful and safe insecticide is prepared which can be used even if you have children or pets in your home.

If a person still wants to use chemical spider insecticide for drastic action, he should consider the popular chemical spider-control formulations. Cynoff WP is one such formulation that is available in a powdery and dusty form. Usually, this substance is administered with the insecticide-sprayer to areas where spider-webs are common. This substance not only exterminates existing spiders but also deters other spiders from coming in. Another example of a chemical spider insecticide is the D-Force HPX. This aerosol spray is applied inside crevices and cracks and used extensively by food-handling organizations to kill pests comprehensively. Apart from spiders, ants, beetles and fleas are also killed by this product.

Before using any chemical product you must carefully read the safety recommendations and the label. The hardware-store from where you have procured the product or your local home-improvement store would be able to provide more information on this kind of products.

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