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Recluse Spider

The Commonly Found Recluse Spider

Commonly populated areas

The recluse spider commonly known as the brown recluse spider is found all over the US and is present in many homes as well. They are usually found in storage spaces, underneath rocks, crevices and such hiding places. They are more usually found in Central Midwestern states all the way up to the Gulf of Mexico. Many a times, these spiders will also travel far and wide and can travel in boxes and packaging. They can nest in old furniture, toys, furnishings etc.

They can also get trapped in shoes and bathtubs and other surfaces that are extremely smooth. People should be careful when taking baths since there have been many cases when the spiders have bit the legs of those that have been taking a bath. If you live in the states, where these spiders are found plentiful, then you should be careful while handling garden implements and tools and also while handling and tending to your garden. It is recommended that you use gloves and wear overalls and shoes while working in the garden.

Since this species is extremely shy, it can be found under rocks and inside the barks f the trees. The species benefits from the human population and this kind of relationship is known as synantrophic. As they are nocturnal, they are attracted to the insects which abound in the artificial light of the night. This is the reason that they are found around human populations.

Can harm humans with its venom

This spider can bite when threatened and can inject a harmful toxin as well. The bite mechanism for this species is a self defense mechanism. Their bi is always unintentional and is purely precautionary measure to guard themselves against any intruders or predators. The symptoms of the bite can vary from individual to another individual depending on the amount of the poison delivered by the recluse spider and the sensitivity of the skin. Sometimes those symptoms may appear after a few hours after the bite. Initially the victim may not be even aware of the bite.

The area around the bite can cause death of the tissues along with inflammation, reddening, edemas and pain. Sometimes it can even cause fever, itching, vomiting and an ulcer can also be seen where the victim was bit. Sometimes the ulcer can takes months to heal and leaves a scar behind. The antidote for this type of bite is available in the market and should be administered within 6 hours of the bite. Sometimes the antidote may not be very effective.

Spiders can bite, when they are pressed against the skin inadvertently, or when they have taken shelter in human clothing. Usually the bite is seen n the face and on the extremities. It is therefore advisable to dust the clothes and shoes before wearing them to avoid any possible spider bite.


The length of the spider is 8-10mm long and 45 mm with its legs spread out. The males are somewhat shorter in size than the females. The species of spider is quite sedentary during the day time and will hide away. It is a nocturnal creature and will be seen mostly during the night, when it becomes more active. It weaves its web in dark places in cool places.

The spider is known as loxosceles recluse and it is usually brown in color. The cephalothorax is deep brown in color and has a violin shaped spot. It has legs that are brown in color, though its abdomen can be yellow or greenish in color also. Though most spiders have 4 sets of eyes, this species has 3 sets of eyes which are quite unusual.

The recluse spider becomes active in the night and looks for its prey in the night. It prefers dead insects in contrast to other spiders that are interested in live insects. The web that is spun by the spiders also serves to act as a place where the female can lay the eggs. Additionally during the night, the male spiders will also go out to look for their female counterparts. Usually the female will lay 40-50 eggs inside the web.

The females can produce eggs on a monthly basis. Also the web isn’t built in a particular style like other spiders.

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