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Fascinating Stuff About Spiders

Spiders are not all that creepy and gross. They may infest human habitations a lot and could really cause quite a nuisance to anyone but they too have their good side that's truly worth appreciating for.

Spiders are also creatures created by God and they have a purpose for their existence in this world. They commensurate the full cycle of the web of life, therefore they are crucially important to the holistic balance of the ecosystem and consequentially, to the world. The world without spiders will be an infested world; full of bugs and pests and with no subclass animals to deal with them. There may be other animal insects in the world that consume smaller bugs, but without spiders, the force to control them would be less potent and could result to catastrophic outcomes to the entire natural balance. One way or the other, spiders have to be persevered. There are even rare spiders species that are seriously endanger of extinction but still some people are still hunting them down.

Most people would think that there's nothing they can do salvage the situation about spiders. Some are even indifferent that they still continue to execute spiders through pest fumigation. Fumigation is quite a severe method of destroying spiders for they don't only kill specific few spiders that live only in the house, but they're effects would also include other spiders that are outside the house, which happens to be only living peacefully in their natural habitats.

There are many little ways that you can do in order to save spiders. You need not have to be some environmental activists, lobbyists, or a senator to do something about the depreciating situation of spiders in the world. One way to do about it is to dispose properly of spiders that infest the house. Such ways can be done without killing or harming spiders in any way. A helpful tip would be not to use pesticides in shooing away spiders outside the house but instead, you can make use of net mechanisms to manually capture spiders and eventually throw them away outside of the house. Just make sure though that the spiders are thrown far away enough that distance would impede them from ever getting back into your house. It is also important to use containers that won't incidentally kill them. They have to be safe placed safely during the transition from your house to the place where you are going to throw them.

Another way to save the species of spiders that are endangered is through information drive campaigns to aware people of the debilitating situation of some spider species. That's not necessarily accomplished through rallies and what not, but through subtle production of media such websites that foster and deliver information about the fascinating facts about spiders and their importance to the entire environmental system. This way, you don't only educate other people about interesting facts about spiders but you also awaken their awareness to be vigilant towards not only to the spiders' dying existence but as well as those that suffer from the same hapless situation.

In this article, you will find out more about the fascinating facts about spiders and hopefully it would foster awareness from you to take part in the fight on preserving endangered species like the spiders.

Here are top 7 of the most fascinating facts about spiders:

1. Spiders are in several ways unlike insects. One of those characteristics that differentiate spiders from insects is the fact that spiders' body are composed of two parts. The cephalothorax and the abdomen. All the spiders in the world, from tarantulas to black widows, to fish catching spiders in the water share the same trait. The cephalothorax is comprised of the spiders' eight eyes, palps, and fangs. The spinnerets of the spider, which are glands being used to produce silk in order to create spider's webs, are found in the abdomen of the spider. A pedicel then combines the two segments of the spider's body giving the spider an apparent waist.

2. All Spiders are venomous except one family. Venoms are very useful tools for spiders. They use them to paralyze then subdue their prey for easy eating. Since they don't have enough physical machinery to battle their way to the prey's immobility, they have to use their venoms. Venom is induced upon the bite. It flows from the poison glands of the spider through their hollow fangs. Effects of venom to the prey would range from paralysis to skin necrosis. The family of spider called Uloboridae, are the only exception to all spiders. They don't possess poison glands.

3. Spiders may be herbivore at times if there's no longer anything to eat but all of them are born predators. Their instinct is to hunt and capture prey in order for them to feed and exist. Larger species of spiders could feed from even larger forms of animals such small birds.

4. Spiders can never digest solid food. Spiders would have to turn its food into liquid food before it can ever digest. When they eat their prey, they excrete enzymatic saliva that destroys the prey's flesh until the spider will be able to suck in the organic juice from the prey.

5. There is no spider in this world that doesn't produce silk. The silk that they produce is of vital importance to their existence. Hunting for food would prove to be very difficult for them if they don't produce silk. Silk isn't only produced to capture preys, but they are also use to protect their next generation. Egg-sacs are enveloped with spider silk in order protect them from possible predators.

6. Admittedly, all spiders produce silk, but not all can spin webs. For example, the wolf spiders don't create web to capture their prey. Instead, they stalk their victims and ambush them when they get the opportunity to do so.

7. Male spiders are always in risk of being eaten by their partners after mating. Especially if the female counterpart is quite hungry. In order to avoid being eaten, male spiders perform a ritualistic dance in order for them to be identified as mating partners and not meals.
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