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Australian Venomous Spiders (Part II)

In the previous article we have talked about the Redback spider as part of the most venomous species of spider found in the Australian continent. This time we will talk about the other spider species that are still found in Australia, that at the same time, you should be very careful with as well.

Unlike the redback spider, these other spiders that will be later mentioned in this article are far more dangerous in terms of looks and in terms of their venom potency that there are already even reported cases of human fatality caused by their bites. Therefore, extra prudence and appropriate precautions should be taken into consideration once you come across or encounter spiders of these species.

Like as what has been always reiterated in any discussions that talk about poisonous spiders, the best way to prevent the catastrophe that might happen in the event of an encounter with a poisonous or highly venomous spider is the preparedness you have when it comes to dealing with them. Preparedness can only come if you are properly informed about the encounter at the first place. That's why there is an utter need for you to know first the species of spiders to avoid and eventually you will then know how to avoid them effectively.

Here is another list of some of the most venomous spiders in Australia, and perhaps among the most venomous in the world as well.

The Funnel Web Spider

Actually, there are a lot of funnel web spider species in the planet and there are 38 known species in Australia alone. The Sydney funnel-web spider is just one of the many species that live in Australia and they are by far as well the most poisonous or venomous funnel web species in the planet. If ranked along-side with the other venomous spiders in the planet like the Brazilian wandering spider which are endemically found in brazil and the American black widow spider, the Sydney funnel web spider would have ranked second venomous, next to the Brazilian wandering spider. Sydney funnel web spiders, like all funnel web spiders would prefer living in certain cool places or habitats. They are commonly found in the south eastern regions of Australia, particularly in Sydney as well. These funnel web spiders prefer to dig holes out so that they can live in there and covering themselves with layers of funnel web structures. The web structures they create serves as a protection against intruders and a tool for the spider's feeding. The funnel web spider would immediately know if there's an intrusion by another insect taking place through the vibrations that travel through the silk threads of the web. In the same manner, these vibrations are also indictor if a prey is ensnared within the trap. The ingenious engineering of the funnel webs are indeed a work of art by nature through the spiders. It's a complete accessory to the species, in both shelter and resources level. The Australian funnel web spider would burrow themselves in certain silk demarcated burrows and live there until a prey may come right passing through.

In order to identify a dwelling of a Sydney funnel web spider, you must first pay close attention to the burrow where it is thought to have originated. Certain tripe lines would normally radiate from the entrance of the burrow to the deep ends of it.

This type of funnel web spider is typically found in about 160 kms radius from Sydney. However, there are reports that the Sydney spiders were allegedly spotted far from its demarcated radius limit.

Funnel web spiders are actually related with the family of Wolf spiders that's why they are normally large in size. Their size would range from 3-4.5 cm depending on the age and the growth of the spider in itself. Funnel web spiders are black in color, quite aggressive, and actually have very strong fangs that it they won't just poison you once you get bitten, it will also deliver quite an amount of pain and groans. The male funnel web spider is more dangerous than its female counterparts. The reason why it is so is because male spiders are the ones that normally transfer from one place to another in order to find their right mates. Because they transfer a lot in order to find a spider mate for reproduction, the funnel web spider are also able to pass by in human residences or people's houses and they could definitely become a reason for an alarm for the entire institution. Summer and autumn are their most conducive seasons in searching for their mates.

Why are they Dangerous?

While it has been said that generally spiders are harmless to humans, these are just one of certain few species that don't belong to the genera of genuinely harmless spiders because Sydney funnel web spiders are truly potently venomous that they can confine its victim to the hospital. That is how venomous a funnel web spider can be.

If ever you get bitten by dangerous Sydney funnel web spider, it is definitely something that you should not condone because once it is left untreated; the patient would have died already because of what Sydney funnel web spider would inject after the bite. The venom induction would entail certain symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, muscular numbness and many more. It would be wise to consult a physicians help right away to ensure that you are safe from the spiders fatal venom blow. Fortunately there is already antivenom invented to counter the effects of the Sydney funnel web spider. And ever since the antivenom was invented, there had been already a few casualties, even fatalities that are related with the spider bite. The gradual decrease has statistically reached .05 casualties from the funnel web spider bite in each three years. The antivenom that could counter the effect of the funnel web spider venoms was invented in the year 1984, and ever since then there had been only a few reported casualties of human casualties already.
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