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Australian Venomous Spiders (Part I)

One thing you have to understand about spiders is that certain species of them can only exist in specific areas in the globe. That means, there are certain species of spiders that can never find their way inside your house, unless imported deliberately. In other words, you don't have to worry finding a Brazilian wandering spider inside your closet if you know you live in New York; a black widow perhaps, but not a wandering spider. As the name suggests, it can't be found near you. If you are able to understand this concept fully, you never have to worry anymore about the common misconceptions of finding venomous spiders wandering inside your house. Apart from the fact that specific venomous species of spiders can only be found exclusively in certain areas in the planet, generally, most of the spiders aren't poisonous at all.

Knowing what places spiders are endemic, would really help you out in dealing with certain fears you have for spiders as well being too over concerned about the possibility of venomous spiders inhabiting your house.

In this article we will be discussing spiders that can be naturally found in Australia. If you are someone who happens to live in Australia, the information on this page will really be of good help you. It will make it easier for you to identify certain spider species that can be tolerated if found inside your house, thus making you less fearful about them, and what certain species of Australian spiders you should be wary of and make sure to avoid provoking and coming in contact with it as possible.

In Australia alone, there are thousands of species of spiders that inhabit the area and you can almost potentially find any of the species knocking right at your doorstep. Each species may carry different sorts or varieties of consequences to your house. It could be that they could mess up your house's interior fashion statement with massive orb webs hanging all around the place or they might actually envenom you with highly potent poisons which could potentially lead to your confinement in the hospital. The worst case scenario would be that they might cause for you to end up six feet under the ground. That just not good at all in any way, unless if you have decided to deliver yourself a sudden but painful death.

Therefore, after having said that stuff about Australian spiders, it would be totally natural for you to take the initiative to know the species of spiders that live nearby your home in order for you to successfully prevent them from ever entering your house, and knowing what exactly to do in the time when a venomous bite happens. You have to be thoroughly careful though in accurately identifying the specie of spider you are currently witnessing. There are certain species of Australian spiders that look almost the same as the other. Here are some types of poisonous to non-venomous spiders that inhabit Australia and some descriptions of them for to be able to effectively discern each one of them in case there is a possibility of encounter.

The Red Back Spider

The Red back spider is actually very common in Australia. In fact there are certain species of deer that are named after them just because they seem to have certain similar physical attributes. At least they look alike relatively. There are also beverages sold in Australia that are named after the spider, practically containing the same insignias as the one found in the back of the redback spider.

Actually redback spiders are found just right about everywhere in Australia. That means you do not only expect to find them inside rainforests or out in the wilderness, but also in some places of your house. Redback spiders are actually more probably to inhabit in highly urbanized areas which happens to have dense population in them. They seem to perceive that there is sufficient food source in the area. Also because redback spiders prefer congested and warm environments and what could be warmer than staying near human population congestion.

The Australian redback spiders are actually related to the American black widows. They even look highly similar in terms of physical structure and appearance, with the exemption of their body markings. The black widow spider has its hourglass-shaped marking under its abdomen, while the distinctive red marking of a redback spider is found at the back, as the name would suggest.

However, the major considerable difference between an Australian redback spider and its relative the black widow is that the former isn't as potently venomous as the latter. Often, if you go to a clinic and tell the doctor you just got bitten by a redback spider; the doctor would just probably tell to go home and simply place an ice on the bitten part.

Still you can't just be too overconfident about the bite of a redback spiders, as they are related to the infamous and notoriously reputed black widow spiders, their neurotoxins are also in some way similar, only that it is less potent. In two out of ten chances that you get bitten by a redback spider, you will develop in to experiencing the symptoms of being envenomed by spider poison. If the symptoms would later on develop, it's just highly imperative to immediately consult a physician and to have yourself, fully medically examined.

The possible symptoms of a redback spider bite would range depending on the potency of the venom injected upon the bite. Mostly redback spider bite symptoms are just mere rashes, itching and irritation near the bitten part. But the severe symptoms like profuse sweating, nausea, muscle pains, lack of energy or laxness, difficulty breathing and nausea, would truly need more serious medical attention. It's the only the female of the redback spider species that you should fear of as they are the only one capable of aggression and envenoming you potent enough to make you suffer from hellish symptoms of the venom.

To be continued...
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