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A Spider's Venom: a Cure to Erectile Dysfunction

To those who are still unaware of what an erectile dysfunction is, an erectile is medical condition wherein the penis is unable to achieve an erection despite stimulation. That becomes a problem when it comes to the time of performance. If you are unable to make a stand, you're just simply not going anywhere. Erectile dysfunctions have been a problem to 18 million men in United States alone. There are also cases of women suffering from erectile dysfunction, wherein the clitoris, the female counterpart of the male's penis is unable to achieve an engorged state despite considerable stimulation. While some of these cases are considered to psychologically inclined and could eventually be treated successfully through psychotherapy or hypnotherapeutic treatments, most of the erectile dysfunction cases remain to be biologically oriented. Meaning, there is something wrong with the biological function of the human body that's why it can't produce an erection. Most of the cases of men having an erectile dysfunction have got something to do with their kind of lifestyle. Long term cigarette smoking and chronic alcoholism are among the major causes of early manifestations of erectile dysfunction. Other reasons such as deprivation and aging are just deemed natural causes and are often more easily treated.

Erectile dysfunction is really a very potent morale degrader to many men. The inability of men to perform optimally in sexual occasions hurts the pride even more thus, affecting how the person would see himself eventually. There are even reported cases of men having erectile dysfunctions, committing suicide or absolutely secluding themselves close from public, avoiding interactions anymore, especially with females. Often, the problem can also consequentially lead to the development of minor to sever depression to both sexes. Complications vary depending on the patients' perception.

The problem and as well as the complications of erectile dysfunctions is also quite evident in the later adult individuals. Naturally, as you age, the rest of the biological functions deteriorate. Cell regenerations are slower, along with oxidization processes would be reduced to half its normal pace as it was when during the regular adult stage. As there are still men and women who prefer to remain sexually active during their late adult stage, erectile capacity is of prime importance.

The essential ultimate solution to erectile dysfunction is through a healthy lifestyle. Nothing can make you more certain of an imminent erection when an occasion rises than living a clean and health life. Proper diet and exercise enables blood circulation and oxidization in the body. Compound that with proper nourishment, there is just no way you will suffer from an erectile dysfunction anytime. While there might be cases it can be psychological, that is however a rare scenario, often caused by post-traumas from certain harsh situations.

Fortunately as well, the development of erection inducing drugs was already commenced during the 21st century. Drugs like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis are among the top-notching erectile inducing drugs in the market. Also, performance enhancing drugs that prolong the capacity of a person's sexual performance were already being produced. However, there are still certain people that relatively don't respond to any of the medications mentioned above. There is about one of three in the overall population of impotent men do not respond to treatments like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and therefore would need much more potent drugs that could facilitate their erection.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider Venom: Cure to Impotency

In Washington, scientists have recently discovered a type of spider indigenous in Brazil that possesses venom that contains a potential cure to problems of impotency and other erectile dysfunctions. The spider's bite is utterly painful and even fatal to human beings but it also packs more than just a painful bite and muscle constrictions. Its venom can also cause long hours of hyper-erection to the patient. Now, scientists have discovered what that component in the venom is that causes the reaction. They are now looking forward in isolating then synthesizing the compound to become the ultimate cure to a lot of sexually deprived men in the world.

Medical staffs in Brazil could easily identify someone who's just been bitten by the wandering spider. The patient's stiffness has got a lot to tell already. Along with high blood pressure and overall muscle pain, the erection is also a literally mind-blowing situation for them.

Researchers from Romulo Leite of the Medical College in Georgia say that the prolonged erection is a side-effect of the venom along with the body pains and they are now looking to a possibility of synthesizing a drug out of it that could cure erectile dysfunctions.

Rodent Erections

Leite and his colleagues broke down the components of the venom in order to isolate the one that causes the prolong erection and have injected them into test rats to see if there will be any effect. The component is then dubbed Tx2-6, is actually an amino compound called peptide.

Lab rats were also injected needle like devices into their penises, in order to measure what's going inside during the induction of the compound. Scientists have also discovered the significant raise in the levels of nitrous oxide in the rat's bodies.

The Science of Erection

Nitric Oxide is of imperative importance during the process of erection, not only to humans but to every sexual living being as well. When the brain senses an apparent sexual arousal, the neurons of the body produce nitrous oxide, and this would tell the system to commence an erection. An array of biological after-effects would also take place such as the production of the enzymes called cGMP. The enzyme causes the cylindrical muscle tubes of the penis to relax, in order for the blood to flow right into it. The expandable tubes would then be filled with blood and thus causing the entire penile muscle to inflate and be erect. A human penis could store as much as ten times amount of blood when erect compared to its limp state.

Of course, no erection can last a lifetime. A party crasher compound called PDE-5 causes the deflation of the penis by breaking the enzymes cGMP and thus returning the penis to a limp state.
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