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Spider Phobia 2.0

Fear is a terrible thing for anyone to have. All the more of it's a directed fear. The fear of a specific thing, action, or situation can be very deterring and at the same time debilitating to an individual, turning the person unproductive in his or her daily activities and making things even more complicated to accomplish even the simplest of things. The development of anxiety would then eventually devour the person into a state of anxiety; a further complication to the degrading state of the person which could potentially lead to more serious self-destructive behaviors and even suicide. There's more to fear that you should fear than fear itself.

Phobia is a self debilitating condition wherein the person suffers from irrational fear over an object, situation or a particular activity, that he or she will avoid to engage them even to the direst circumstances. Because of this condition, the person suffering from a phobia will live a highly restricted and constricted life, unable to move freely because of his or her fear on engaging the things that he or she doesn't want to engage. What's worse is that the person is actually aware and conscious of his or her irrational behavior over fearing something.

Oftentimes, phobia and anxiety are intertwined. Sometimes, phobia can be a result of a preceding anxiety over something and other times it's otherwise, wherein the development of anxiety will only come later. But more often than not they are concurrent to an individual suffering from it. To identify a phobic anxiety over the other forms of anxiety, you must first distinguish the situations when the anxiety strikes. If the anxieties are more directional, meaning it triggers only upon encounter of specific conditions, and it the trigger factors could be targeted immediately, or easily identified, then the person is experiencing a phobic anxiety. All the other typical symptoms of anxiety will then follow after, such as rapid heart palpitation, nervousness, nausea, upsetting of the stomach, frequent urination, profuse sweating and all other physiological disorders. Often there are occasions when the person suffering from the anxiety will experience swooning and losing consciousness due to the extremities of his or her condition. But that would only take place of course upon the encounter on the object of fear. More than half the time the person suffering from phobia will do everything in his or her power to avoid the object of fear and thus in return, the sufferer will lose most of its freedom.

There are different types of phobias and they classified according to their effects' severity to the sufferer. The first type of phobia would concern more on much simpler basis. This type of phobia would include the fear of certain objects or animals, deep waters, closed spaces and heights. They are more often than not less interfering with the person's daily activities and productivity. Since the triggers are more specific, they tend to be less triggered because it would require a more exigent circumstance. The second type of phobia is the kinds of fears that considerably disrupt the person's activities like agoraphobia, or the fear of public spaces. This phobia is often accompanied by hysteria and anxiety and would often force a person to place his or her self in ultimate seclusion, depriving him of any civil interactions. Third type of phobia is more social in nature, instigating fear even in person to person interactions.

Spider phobia belongs to the first type of phobia as they are more related on simple and specific orientations, particularly on spiders.

Arachnophobia is basically the fear of spiders. This kind of fear are most likely not innate or inherent to an individual and mostly triggered and developed in growth eventually. The fear may stem out of certain circumstances or situations where the person or an individual has undergone traumatic memories that is related or at least somehow related to spiders. Most of the arachnophobia cases would stem out beginning in most people's childhood days. Whether by watching a scary movie about spiders or a spider bite them and have caused considerable worries afterward, any of these factors could lead to the development of a person's fear on spiders and they will carry that fear for the rest of their life unless if treated appropriately. That's why, there are certain situations where a person, who is not originally afraid of spiders would start fearing them as well because of the certain influences that would affect his or her mentality. An example of this is the misguided portrayal of spiders in certain fiction horror movies and misconceptions of most people about venomous spiders. These kinds of things would often trigger a person to begin fearing about spiders.

One reason why most people are inevitably afraid of spiders is because of how most people would perceive a spider be. They are more often than not considered to be ugly and disgusting and creatures, even scary by nature. While a lot of people believe this, youngsters and certain individuals who are not really afraid of spiders would learn from the misconception of others and would begin to believe as well, installing fear within them.

Perhaps the best way to combat the fear on spiders is to have sufficient information about the creatures and to acknowledge their real natures without prejudice. Studying spiders and understanding would open up levels of appreciation and that could ultimately prevent or cure the fear of a person on them. But there are these certain times wherein the person is just to rooted in his or her fear that she wouldn't believe anything anymore that is later introduced. These kinds of people are most likely to suffer more from their fear, developing symptoms of hysteria and anxiety. Compulsions may also develop later as a symptom in an individual who has a certain fear over spiders. Compulsive behaviors like exaggerated sanitary behaviors are the most common in a person who has utter fear on spiders. They will do whatever they can to make sure that spiders will never be encountered inside the house.
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