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Spiders Cry Out Too When They Feel Good

First and foremost, you would have to take note that this article is not for the very young readers in the world. The topic covered in this article is a bit sensitive and it may not suit the minds of the young ones. If ever read by someone of early age, parental guidance should be advised.

The moans you hear from your lady while you're having sex are usually indications of her feel good sensations while doing it. A following adage would usually follow that: "the louder the better", which more often than not is true. If she's really screaming off the charts then it may only mean two things - you're really digging in her spot or you're quite hurting her already with your load. Unless of course if you're partner is a professional faker, that's a different story already. Also, if she's sexually dysfunctional, then there's just nothing you can do about it.

Most of men would look for this kind of sensation to be felt by their women while having sex. It kind of makes them feel better about themselves regarding their performances. If his partner starts to get all cowboy wild, it fuels him even more to do more in the task at hand. That's just the natural way of things. It's a different story as well if you're just naturally born without the gift of pleasing partners. That one you really need some serious help there pal.

Apparently, this kind of sensation outburst mechanism doesn't only apply to human beings. There are certain animals in this world as well that manifest similar sexual outburst and the sensation it implies is still the same. Mammals are usually the type of animals that vocalize during intercourse. Probably, this is because mammals are of higher level of species than others and are more capable of sensing tactile perceptions.

However, there are these few exceptional animals that manifest this behavior. Despite their lack of physical trait to rationalize sensation, these animals are still able to identify the kind of feeling they are having as of the moment; be it pain or the sheer and utter bliss of the feeling of pleasure. One of these animals is the spiders. Yes, believe it or not, spiders do vocalize during sex and of very similar rationale as well.

Spider Squeals

According to recent findings in the study of spider behaviors during mating, it shows that spiders do also elicit vocalization patterns in relation to their sensation felt during intercourse. Female spiders of the Physocyclus globosus species, deliver high-frequency squeals while having sex to deliver a message to their partners so that they will know what to do while at it. These vocalizations are generally interpreted as either indications of pain or pleasure. Surprisingly, spiders are sexual creatures. And they feel it too!

Scientists labelled the spider sensation as "stridulations". It's often described as shrills like that of a sound of squeaky piece of leather and is related to the rhythmic motions and the squeezing taking place inside the female's genitalia while having intercourse.

The Process of Natural Selection

If you are aware about the theory of natural selection; just a recap though, it talks about the likelihood of survival of the stronger species over the weaker species in terms of coping with the changes that are taking place in the environment. And believe it or not, this same principle applies upon a spider's conception to their young.

A female spider is actually capable of storing sperms from different male mates at a time (this would naturally implicate that she's having more than just one partner) in her body. From there she then is able to choose which one from those stored sperms should fertilize her eggs. Now, the twist is this: If the male is able to squeeze enough inside the female's genitalia that it could make her squeal, he has higher chances of fertilizing the female's egg. So in other words, the better the male is in the intercourse process the more likely he is able to multiply his kin to the world.

However, there are certain occasions when a male will overdo the squeezing. The forceful action of the male may actually physically damage the female spider. If the male spider squeezes very hard or too long, the female spider squeals to signal the male spider to pick up the pacing.

How it Works

In order to produce squeaking sounds, the female spiders would scrap a portion of their pedipalp against a file-looking shape in the surface of their fangs.

A male spider's sexual organ is located near at the tip of its pedipalp. When having intercourse, the male inserts the tip inside the female's genital. There are certain muscles near the pedipalp that flex during the sexual process, thus creating rhythmic motions of squeezing inside the female's genital therefore making them cry.

In a research laboratory, scientists have mated 68 virgin female spiders of the p.globosus specie, with 2 males of the same species. They have furthered discovered that the amount of squeezes executed by the male spiders during the intercourse corresponds to the number of times the female squeals. Stridulations become more frequently increasing if the male fails to loosen the grip and squeeze in reaction to the female's previous plea.

The fortunate few obedient males that have consistently followed the indications told by their female partners during sex resulted to being able to produce more offspring than the others. It's as if that the squeezing process is actually a male spider's mechanism of propelling his sperms into the female spider's genital and deeper into the body so that it would increase the chances or the likelihood of fertilizing the female's eggs.

According to the study's findings, female spiders apparently prefer the paternity of the male spiders that are able to execute the process properly according to the indications foretold by their squeals. Females must have known that if they are going to allow the sperms of the better males to fertilize her eggs, she would bear offspring that will eventually be as good as their fathers.
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