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Spider Trivia

Most of people know the fact that spiders are hairy and scary and we more often than not avoid them of their scary features. Admittedly, spiders are intimidating. They lurk in dark corners and places building their webs and waiting for their prey and it would be quite a surprise if you suddenly find one in your drawer. However, spiders aren't creatures that you should be scared of. Of course there are those certain spider species that you have to be bothered about. But spiders are actually generally harmless to all human beings. The misconception that a spider bite could instantly be fatal to anyone is terribly a misunderstanding on the spider's part and this has got to go. The truth about spider bites is that they only take place when the spider is threatened and or pressed against its skin. Naturally if the spider is hurt, it will bite as an act of defence mechanism. Therefore, it is upon your prerogative to make sure that you don't accidentally or unwittingly crush a spider to make it a point that you don't get bitten at all. You will eventually do less in fearing them and finally make peace with your fears on them.

Spiders are indeed amazing creatures. You may only discover that if you try to look at their species a little deeper than just considering them as house pests. Spiders have been hosts to many different wonders of earth and you will be surprised to know how magnificent these creatures are. Here are some amazingly true facts about spiders:

Spiders with hairs actually belong to the mammalian classification. Since they are mammals, these spiders are capable of produce unique tasting milk (actually delicious?). The milk is produced in the same glands that are used to create silk threads.

• In physics, a single strand of silk thread in a spider's web actually has more potential energy than the a-bomb dropped in Nagasaki in World War 2. That simply means, if the potential energy in a single silk thread is converted into a usable energy source through fusion, it may potentially wipe-out more than just Nagasaki. Fortunately, spiders don't live in ultra high fusion areas, so we all need not to worry about the possibilities of Armageddon too much.

• In biology, a spider's egg can possibly contain DNA as many as four human beings combined. That's only for one egg. If we talk about the entire egg sac which happens to have hundred of eggs in it, we could be quantitavely equating them to the entire population in India or China.

• Here's a spooker! Did you know spiders can actually live almost forever, if ever such a time frame existed? This is because spiders cannot die in physical causes. That means they don't die out of getting old or aging. If left in unharmed and unscathed condition, a spider may live theoretically as long as it can and could grow as big as it can. In fact there is actually a collection in China of some allegedly "holy" spiders that were already hatched for about 2,800 years ago.

• Did you know that a carapace of a spider (exoskeleton, or outer shell) is strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast? If the carapace is sufficiently scaled, can potentially be stronger than a lead nuclear bunker.

• Did you know there is actually a spider that is worth a fortune? The Kenyan Applecrosser spider species are not only bought for domestication but as well as a high end accessory. They are actually grown with special stones or emeralds in their abdomen. They are perhaps the most valuable spiders in the whole world.

• There is an extremely rare spider species in Eastern African called the Snow spiders. The reason why it’s called a "snow" spider is because of its color, which of course is white. But what's even more amazing about these spider species is that they produce black silk threads.

• Spiders are actually, relatively very powerful creatures and could withstand strong levels of atmospheric pressures. If you are to place a spider to create a web in a vacuum tube, it can most definitely can. Scientists have even discovered certain spider species working both high altitude areas to extremely below sea level places constructing webs.

• The reasons why certain spiders are capable of an apparent flight is because of their capability to produce wind-sailings silks or "parachutes" that enables to fly over the world beneath them. Windcurrent spiders have actually lived for millennia creating webs in the air in extremely high altitudes. They get most of their nutrients from sunlight processing them through semi-photosynthesis mechanism.

• The largest spider in the world ever observed would almost over eight feet long across and weighed about 530 lbs. That's heavier than 3 regular weight human beings combined. However, the spider was too big that it no longer moves. It broke its legs one time because it can no longer carry its own weight.

• Did you know that Orange Magma Spider is capable of withstanding very high levels of heat, as much 5,300 degrees Fahrenheit? However, ironically, these spiders can only be found in South Pole's largest ice glaciers.

• In the field of conventional psychology, in dream interpretations, spiders represent the most dangerous concepts of human subconscious. It symbolizes the eleven stages of grief (eight legs, two antennae, and torso).

• If a Harjack Spider is motivated enough in severe reasons, it can actually produce an amount of silk that can suffocate a human baby in just a matter of a few minutes.

• Did you know that according to neurological researches conducted in Harvard, they have discovered that a spider's brain has more mental capacity than the world's brightest scientists? If their brains have cognitive lobe, they would have found all the answers to the world's questions.

• Did you know that spiders are actually mostly homosexuals? The evolution of spider has been espoused with a population control mechanism. That is why there are more males than females and the same reasons why there is propensity for females to devour their male partners after mating.
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