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Spider Infestation

Some spiders are poisonous and if such species of spiders are seen inside the house, they should be exterminated at the earliest. However, there are many other varieties of spiders that are harmless and do not pose any serious threat to human beings or animals. However, the innocuous spiders also spin webs that make a house look messy and disheveled. Hence, it is important to prevent spider infestation at any cost and a person can choose any suitable option to address this problem. He would at first need to identify all the spots that are infested with spiders. Any space which is dark and dingy is susceptible to spiders. An individual must ensure that all nooks and corners of the house are searched properly. The existence of spiders can be made out from dead insects and cobwebs.

After the areas have been properly located, the homeowners need to think about the aspect of cleaning. If needed, professional help should be taken to clean all attics, basements, cluttered areas, spots under beds and furniture, etc. All old materials and boxes dumped in various places should be disposed if they are found to be redundant. In most cases, a homeowner can clean these places and remove the spider-webs personally with rakes and brooms. Vacuum cleaners can also be used to kill the spiders quickly, though there might be a problem in using these gadgets in small spaces. After all the places have been thoroughly cleaned, a person must spray those areas with a good spider insecticide / repellent. There are many choices available in repellants / insecticides, and a person can use natural as well as chemical products.

It is safer to use natural insecticides to tackle spider infestation because these products are devoid of toxic side-effects. Natural insecticides can be prepared conveniently in the house and then solutions need to be sprayed in the various spider-infested spots. A person must ensure that the floors and walls of the rooms are being properly sprayed with the insecticide. In order to spray without difficulty, a person should ideally remove objects in the region before starting with this activity. Chemical insecticides have been found to damage fibrous materials and curtains and hence precautions should be taken. A person must remember that periodic cleaning is a must to comprehensively address the issue of spider infestation. Homeowners are also advised to place light-bulbs in the dark portions of the rooms as spiders find these zones very comfortable and hospitable.

Among the natural remedies, spearmint and peppermint leaves have shown to work wonders in warding off spiders. If a homeowner finds that certain cardboard storage-boxes contain important stuff and cannot be disposed away, he needs to replace those with plastic storage-boxes having tight-fitting covers/lids. It is better to avoid bed-skirts. If any person finds easy entry-points for a spider, he must seal up those spots immediately. He must also tighten the screens on his windows and doors. Dust and cobwebs tend to accumulate beneath and under heavy furniture, as these cannot be shifted easily. The house-owner might need to call a plumber to seal up certain areas if he discovers cracks in his house’s foundation. Cracks also exist around the various utility holes, doors, and plumbing spots. Woodwork is sometimes difficult to clean and special attention must therefore be given to suspended ceilings, heat ducts, baseboards, registers, etc.

Insect traps are a very safe and eco-friendly solution to spider infestation. The spiders are not killed by these traps and the creatures can be released afar after they have been caught. Certain species of spiders like black widows and brown recluses are harmful and must be exterminated immediately. A person needs to search for black widows at night as these are nocturnal creatures. It is important to put door-sweeps beneath the doors which lead outside. Door-sweeps will assist in catching the wandering black-widow spiders. Yellow bulbs are found to be effective in deterring insects that black windows like to consume.

Lastly, homeowners need to realize that spiders are a nuisance in most households. Honestly speaking, having a few spiders is not at all harmful. These creatures would prevent the prevalence of other pests like beetles and centipedes. However, if the population of these creatures increase beyond the acceptable limit, professional exterminators might be required.

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