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The Choices Available and their Characteristics

Although few spiders are actually poisonous and pose threat to human beings and animals, these arthropods can still be a nuisance in houses and offices. There are in excess of 35,000 spider species known to humans and a lot of diversity in color and size of these creatures exist. Although spiders do not have a nature of biting people, barring certain species, their cobwebs make the rooms look dingy and dirty. Hence, a spider killer is required to get rid of this irritating creature and to make the house clean. It needs to be remembered that spiders have benefits too as these arthropods are used in pest control. Spiders are capable of catching various insects including ants, mosquitoes, etc.

Although chemical spider killers are available, it is better to use a natural spider killer as toxic side-effects are not present. The familiar species of spiders that are seen inside the house are wolf spiders, house spiders, cellar spiders, and sac spiders. Spiders can be existent anywhere inside the house, but they are predominant in the corners or the roofs of the rooms, garages, attics, gardens, etc. Vinegar / essential oils can be used as effective spider killers. Vinegar sprays can be given in places where there are spider infestations. Whenever a spider is seen to be crawling on the floor, the liquid can be sprayed in adequate amount to daze the spider. Vinegar would keep the spider stunned for a couple of minutes during which a person would easily be able to smash and kill the spider. Alcohol is also an effective spider killer and alcohol mixed with vinegar is a potent combination.

Other than these, using essential oils, e.g., citrus oil, cinnamon oil, rosemary oil, etc., can also help in extermination of spiders. Whenever a person wants to annihilate spiders in basements and attics he can use diatomaceous earth, aka diatomite. This product is available in marketplace and is an effective siliceous material. This powder can be used for killing spiders present in closets or cars effectively too. The ecologically conscious people are increasingly using diatomite for controlling spiders inside their houses. An individual can sprinkle this powder in the various dwelling locations of spiders inside the house and around it.

In order to use a spider killer effectively, a person must first identify the hiding places of these creatures. Spiders have a liking for dark and warm areas like, wall cracks, closets, air vents, basements, cellars, attics, etc. The cracks need to be sealed properly and all hiding places destroyed. The house must be routinely cleaned with attention being given to areas susceptible to infestation of spiders. People can use vacuum cleaners for instantly killing the spiders on the spot. It must be remembered that spiders spin their webs on things / clutters kept in an unkempt manner. Hence these spots ought to be arranged at the earliest. Apart from the natural spider killers, chemical killers are available too. But the chemical spider-sprays often contain toxic constituents which if consumed mistakenly can have fatal consequences. Hence these sprays should be administered as the ultimate resort, when all eco-friendly methods have failed to deliver satisfactory results.

Chemical spider killers / insecticides are effective for various household pests apart from spiders too. Though chemical pesticides have been criticized in many quarters as being ecologically unfriendly, the modern-day insecticides are so powerful that only small quantities of these substances would suffice. Within a few minutes these insecticides are found to kill the spiders. Reputed insecticide companies ensure that the killers do not stain the fabrics and carpets. Pleasant fragrances are added to these products so that the rooms smell fresh and welcoming after spraying with insecticides. Insects that are effectively exterminated by these insecticides are spiders, ants, flies, bed bugs, scorpions, earwigs, silverfish, etc. A spider killer paralyzes and dehydrates the spiders, thereby leading them to death.

Those who are not very comfortable with the idea of killing spiders, opt for spider repellents which drive away the spiders from the house rather than killing them straightaway. These repellants block the sensors of a spider and in this manner perplexes its sense of vision and direction. It is needs to be mentioned that for locating any source of movement a spider takes help of it sensors. Repellents are safer than killers and are effective for 3 or 4 hours.

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