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Spider Elimination

A Comprehensive Approach Required to be Successful

Spiders are quite common in the households of USA. There is no specific place where a spider might reside, but this pest prefers regions that are dark and dirty. The usual household-spiders spin their webs in the basements, attics, garages, corners of the wall, etc. Though most of the spiders and cobwebs do not pose any real threat to humans, the spider-infested locations look unsightly. Despite the fact that most spiders use venom during biting to murder their prey, the creatures are not dangerous to mankind. There are only two species of spiders in North America, namely, Brown Recluse and Black Widow, that consistently pose threat to humans.

Though chances of complications developing from spider bites are very less, a person should still have the spider-specimen with him when he goes to consult any physician. Children and pets are also bothered by spiders and a newly-constructed house can look unkempt if there is spider infestation. Hence, most homeowners consider spider elimination to be an important aspect of household maintenance. Spiders have benefits too and indiscriminate slaughter of spiders is certainly not desirable. These arthropods feed on different insects and put a curb on their population. Since spiders show an affinity towards moist ambience, these creatures can be frequently found in damp sections of a house / building, crawl-spaces, basements, etc. Other spiders stay in dry, warm locations like subfloor air vents, roof-corners of rooms, attics, etc.

Since brown recluse and black widow are both dangerous to the human beings, precautions must be taken to prevent their intrusion. A person would first need to know the appearance of these two spiders in order to properly identify these creatures for the purpose of spider elimination. The female black widows are approximately 0.5 inch long, with a glossy back. This predator generally possesses a red hourglass-mark underneath its abdomen. In certain variations of black widows this mark can also be split into 2 separate spots. The size of the males and the spiderlings of this species is less than that of females. A brown recluse spider, on the other hand, cannot be easily distinguished from the other spider varieties.

The colors of brown recluse can vary from dark cream to dark brown. The abdomen of this spider is markedly darker than the other body-parts. This spider is sometimes also called violin / fiddler spider due to the presence of a dark mark in the shape of a violin. These spiders have less pairs of eyes than the other spiders, 3 instead of the commonly found 4. The black widow spiders are more prevalent outdoors while the brown recluse spiders can be found both indoors as well as outdoors. For spider elimination of both these species, a thorough inspection of the possible spots of spider infestation must be conducted. A brown recluse is also found to be residing in drop-ceilings, inside registers or ductwork, behind dashboards, etc.

For spider elimination to be successful on a permanent basis, a homeowner must change the surroundings of the house / building so that it becomes a less attractive spot to the spiders. Additionally, the homeowner would also need to locate and destroy the maximum number of spiders possible. For that purpose, all probable hideouts of spiders should be meticulously searched and destroyed. A very effective way of detecting spider infestations is installation of sticky traps or glue-boards. The gadgets are totally safe and eco-friendly and are easily available at any grocery / farm-supply store. These traps should be placed near the walls and in the corners, because spiders tend to move through those routes frequently.

In order to be successful in spider elimination, certain measures should always be taken. Firstly, a routine and thorough cleaning of the house is a must. This activity would dissuade the spiders from coming back and prevent those creatures from laying their eggs. A broom or a vacuum-cleaner can be used for removing cobwebs, egg-sacs and spiders. Spiders prefer undisturbed and quite areas like attics, basements, garages, and closets. One must reduce clutter present in these regions to make them less congenial to the spiders. Door-sweeps and tight-fitting window-screens should be installed to avoid spiders or other insects. Installing sodium-vapor / yellow light-bulbs have also shown to be effective in keeping away spiders.

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