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Why and How to Use these Traps

If any person finds that spiders have become a nuisance in his house, then he has several alternatives to get rid of those creatures. Spider killers, traps, repellants are all used for killing / repelling spiders. Among these options, spider killers / repellants can be made naturally or artificially with the use of chemicals. Natural spider exterminators / repellants are considered to be safer than their chemical counterparts and people having children or pets in their house prefer to use the natural substances. However, a very innovative method to get rid of spiders that is often overlooked nowadays is the use of spider traps. Using a spider trap has many advantages. Firstly these traps are inexpensive and cheaper as compared to the modern insecticides. The concept of using traps to kill spiders has been used since the old ages and the gadgets are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

It is seen that people residing in areas infested with poisonous spiders prefer to use these traps. The idea behind a spider trap is to entice these arthropods inside and subsequently trap them. The traps are scented with odors that are appealing to the spiders. A spider needs to just touch the traps in order to get trapped. There is a gluey coating that does not allow the spiders to escape in any way. These products are exclusively non-toxic and that is a welcome divergence from toxic chemical insecticides, spider sprays, spider exterminators, etc. Additionally, the effectiveness of the chemical products lasts for a few hours, whereas the traps are effective for any length of time. Nowadays, online shopping has made purchase of spider traps even easier and a person saves lot of money and time in this method. The trap gets shipped right in front of the doorstep.

Those who use spider sprays need to hunt around the house to locate spider colonies. These clutters can be found in almost any corner or nook of a room / wall. Traps on the other hand, can be conveniently placed near the doors or the walls or in places where spiders are seen frequently. A person can go to work or perform some essential activities without worrying about the trap. Any spider which gets trapped inside would not be able to escape and a person can come back to empty the trap at his convenient time. It must not be forgotten that spiders are critical in maintaining ecological balance and a person must not exterminate spiders unnecessarily, especially outside his house.

Spiders are helpful predators and most of these creatures are non-poisonous. They feed on insects, thereby maintaining the balance of the insect population. Spider traps adroitly imitate hiding zones for spiders. These traps can be placed along baseboards to catch spiders which are running along the fringes in search of insects. Traps can be used as a permanent option to comprehensively eradicate spiders because there are no hazardous side effects. Spider traps can be employed for various types of household spiders like wolf spiders, hobo spiders, domestic house-spiders, parson spiders, brown recluse-spiders, sac spiders, etc.

Primarily, there are two categories of spider traps, namely, paper traps and glue boards. Both these categories are extremely effective. However, a person is able to catch rodents and insects too, with the aid of glue boards. It is cost-effective to buy these traps in large quantities. Also, to exterminate the maximum number of spiders a person would need to use several traps. Three or four traps should be placed successively in a particular location to minimize the chances of the spiders evading the traps. The mode of operation of each trap is a bit different and therefore it is important to go through the instructions regarding how to set the trap carefully.

A person must not be worried if he finds that his trap is catching insects too. In fact, this is a good sign as the potency of these traps then increase further. Spiders prefer eating bugs and when bugs are caught in the trap, a greater number of spiders would visit the trap in the appeal of bugs. Though it might sound strange, spiders also consume each other. Therefore, dead spiders should be retained inside the trap for some time to tempt the spiders present outside.

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