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Better to Use Natural Repellents than Chemical Ones

It is not very easy to control spiders because they wander around inside the house and can surface in any room. You might find a big spider beneath your toilet flush and notice the same insect the next day in your bedroom. These arthropods can be a nuisance in houses that are clean and organized too. Cobwebs are made by spiders in the various corners of your walls making them appear unkempt. Spider repellant is often used to ward off spiders effectively. Along with that people must also dust the walls of their rooms and the furniture regularly to make the house tidy. There is a difference between a spider repellant and other insect sprays. Often people use insect sprays for driving away spiders, but spider repellants would be more effective in those situations.

When spider repellents are used in garages and attics, the rooms become cleaner and more attractive. Spiders in general are not venomous, as many might wrongly think. In fact, there are just 4 spiders in USA that are dangerous. These are Yellow Sac, Brown Recluse Spider, Black Widow Spider, and Hobo Spider. However, these arthropods do look quite creepy and scary and kids or small children might become very frightened due to the presence of these predators. A spider repellant may be naturally available or made artificially. It is preferable to use the natural repellents as the products are safer than the artificial ones. In order to control the population of these crawly creatures, repellants are absolutely necessary.

Certain advanced spider repellants are effective in killing mosquitoes too. A good spider repellent not just makes the house appear clean, but also keeps the inhabitants inside safe. It is important to check the quality of a repellant before using. Certain spider repellants have strong chemicals which ruin curtains and other rugs. It has been found out that certain bug sprays have a poisonous substance known as diethyl-meta-toluamide. This constituent is responsible for brain as well as skin problems. People might have behavioral changes and/or skin rashes after the administration of this toxic substance. It must be remembered that the purpose of using spider repellents is to make the house a safer and cleaner place and the entire purpose is undermined when chemical repellants is used.

An individual can also make spider repellents in his house or purchase one from the local store. Vinegar, clover, lavender oil, and coconut oil are all spider deterrents and can be used in the home-made repellents. Soaps used for washing dishes have acidic characteristics, and these products are also effective in driving the hairy arthropods away. Nowadays, cobweb-eliminator sprays are available in the market and these products assist in preventing the growth of spiders by eliminating their habitats. Though people do not need to be unduly worried when they see spiders in their house, they need be careful about certain species like Arachnids, as these are venomous.

For several years people have been using citronella-oil to fend off mosquitoes. Actually this oil is capable of repelling different pests, spiders, and insects too. A person can mix 5 drops of this oil, 1 quart water, and 1 teaspoon lemon dish-soap, and spray the mixture where spider problems are existent. For ages people have used Neem oil and Tea-Tree oil for treating skin infections in both pets and human beings. These oils have been observed to be effective in repelling spiders too. Both these oils are easily available at health food-stores. A person can prepare a mixture of these oils and spray it in places where there is occurrence of spiders.

Research has shown that a very potent spider repellent/ killer can be prepared by combining mineral oil, rosemary oil, and wintergreen. Therefore, it can be seen that there are plenty of non-chemical insecticides and one just needs to choose a repellent / insecticide that works best for his house. Apart from these products, chemical insecticides / repellants and glue traps are also used for killing and repelling spiders. The chemical spider repellent needs to be sprayed wherever there is a congregation of spiders. Glue traps are also used by people and these have sticky surfaces to entrap spiders and exterminate them.

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