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Some Must-Know Stuff about Spiders

More often than not, the little details and facts about spiders are neglected and set aside because of the fact that a lot of people fear and or dislikes their presence. Most people would immediately then regard spiders to be disgusting creatures that have to be kept away for good or prevented to come in close into any close-human proximities. You can't blame these people though for fearing spiders, the sheer look of spiders, especially if you don't have very appreciating eyes, would immediately make you gross out. And that is why you would immediately go running away from a presence of a spider in front of you. People often really do this and they tend to keep things that way. In worst case scenarios, people develop a much more heightened fear and paranoia over spiders. Such phobia is called "arachnophobia" or the fear of spiders. And this phobia may come with anxiety, compulsions and hysteria and that would definitely not going to be good for anyone.

The truth is, spiders are actually very fascinating creatures of earth and they serve many purposes to the environment. Moreover, it is absolutely not true to think that spiders are gross and disgusting creatures as one could only just marvel with their beauty both inside and out. Spiders even have amazingly bright displays in their bodies. Their features are often colourful and mystifying; something that can be considered as a work of natural art for others. If you are able to learn all these stuff from spiders, you would definitely get rid of your uncalled for fears for them and finally be able to live with them in harmony. This is one of the best ways to get rid of any fears for spiders or not cultivate any sense of fear for them at all.

Here are some data you can read on about spiders so that you may fully appreciate the extent of their beauty, as well as to fully comprehend their nature.

The Purpose of Spiders in the Natural Balance

Spiders aren't just decorations of nature that the entire ecosystem will be able thrive without them. Like all other creatures on earth, big or small, have critical role in keeping the balance in check. Once you take out spiders out of the equation, a lot of creatures will be taken out of the equation and eventually, humans will have to suffer from the domino effect from taking out one creature off the balance.

Spiders are actually invertebrates. That simply means that they don't have any backbones to support their backs. However, they do have an exoskeleton that serves as a framework to their body. Exoskeletons are actually a creature's skeleton, only that it is located in the outside.

Spiders are among of the crucial factors of plant reproduction. Spiders help plants and flowers reproduce and propagate by cross pollinating them. When a spider is on a particular plant or flower, the pollens will attach themselves on the spider's hairy features. These pollens will then be cross pollinated when a spider transfers from one place to another, or transfers from one plant to the next one.

Spiders also serve as very effective decomposers. They actually help degrade dead plants and animals and turning them into immediate nourishment to the soil. In return the nourishments in the soil from the decomposed dead plants and animals will nurture the plants, enabling them to grow and flourish even more, which also consequentially will provide food sources to many creatures, including humans. As you all may very well know, we also feed on plants. You must make it a point to understand that these plants that we feed on would never have been there if not for the tedious decomposition tasks of the spiders.

More about Spiders

Spiders are often misconceived as insects because of their insect-like appearances. However, spiders actually belong to a different group of animals called arachnids. This type of insect-like creatures normally have eight legs and two body parts, contrary to insects which have six legs and three body parts. Their functions as well to the environment make them significantly different to each other. However, there are certain spiders that are an exception to their common natures. Some spiders only have six eyes, like the brown recluse spiders and more or only have a singular body part.

Spiders are actually very many. Not just many even but multitude of them actually thrives in earth and we don't even know the rest of them yet. Out of 30,000 species of spiders, there are still 250,000 more species that are yet to be named and classified. The ongoing research of spiders has been on the pedals for almost over three quarters of a century already and that is still as much as they have discovered. Every other day, new spider species are being discovered and some of them have the most bizarre environmental context and features.

Spiders don't produce offspring through conception but with eggs. They are oviparous creatures, therefore, they lay eggs which contains their younglings which will later on when it hatches, will become spiderlings. Spiderlings are actually little replicas of the adult version of a spider. Sometimes, they are slightly different in color but more or less look the same as their father and mother. Spiders are capable of producing more than a hundred eggs per seating. That's why the spider population on earth is quite a lot.

Spider bites, contrary to what most people would believe to be fatal, are generally not fatal at all. So far there are only two species of spiders that pose fatal threat to a human being and these are the families in which the Sydney funnel web spider and Brazilian wandering spider belongs. A single venomous bite from any these spiders would definitely put you down if not countered with antivenom. The rest of the spider species are tolerably venomous. Even the notorious black widow spider isn't that seriously fatal at all. It can only become fatal if the bite results to a complication with a preceding heart ailment.
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