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Applying the Spider Fear Therapy to Yourself

Spiders are hideous, disgusting and gross. Just the fact of imagining them lurking from the dark readying themselves to pounce for an imminent attack scares the hell out of you already. Don't worry, these sorts of fears don't only occur to you as they could actually happen to me as well and to everyone around you. Most people, even some of the braves of men would sometimes fear the presence of spiders nearby, because unlike larger animals which you can immediately detect and capture if necessary, spiders, being so small would prove to be a difficult thing to evade, let alone capturing them. You would also consider fearing the idea that there could be quite a lot of them everywhere. And if ever they do attack all at once, you are really in serious situation. You may be able to use traps, or fumigation methods to get rid of the spiders once and for all. However, there's no saying when they will be back for vengeance. Considering that there are still thousands of them outside of your house, an eventual spider infestation is just a matter of time once again. Therefore the obvious conclusion is you can never escape them. You may be able to run but you can never hide from their attacks if ever they would intently do so.

Spiders also come in many different color and often bright colors that they could definitely the candies in our eyes. Being an eye-catcher is a good thing in a different opinion, but when it comes to spiders, we could almost equate the color of the spider into fear. The fear of being more brightly colored the spider would be, the more dangerous they may become. However, in truth that is absolutely not true as that kind of indication is only applicable to snakes and not to spiders. The most dangerous of all spiders are not even colored so well at all. It's actually dull brown in color and you could almost mistake it for something else not poisonous at all. The black widow spider in itself is not brightly colored at all. The only color in them is the red hourglass shaped marking beneath their abdomen and of course the black. Still, we can get ourselves so hyped up from fear each and every time we see a spider come in our way. We get so fearful that we would even be so afraid to squish them right off. These are just of the common manifestations to anyone who fears the presence of spiders or in other words, a person who happens to have arachnophobia. They would usually manifest these behaviors each time they see on that would come their way. They would become so hysterically afraid that they wouldn't eve dare squish the spider right away even if it's already conveniently conducive for stepping. It is a different case however if you are squeamish. If you're squeamish, you wouldn't only fear squishing spider, but all the other bugs that are squishable.

So how do you deal with these kinds of fear yourself? How do you make sure that you wouldn't have to fret away from spiders each and every time you see one pass by your way? The bigger question would be now is how to deal with the problem without any help but still be able to conquer your fear with flying colors? Is that even possible?

The answer to these questions relies on how well you will be able to handle yourself and persevere in your quest to truly conquer your fear.

There are many ways to conquer the fear alone without the assistance of professional experts. It is also more advantageous that way because you wouldn't have to spend anything at all or any amount for professional help since you would be doing the treatment on your own. The truth that you have to understand essentially is the truth that any fear is conquerable because they are all a state of mind. Fear is just a matter of conquering your consciousness. If you conquer the conscious part of your brain that deals with the fear, then there's just absolutely nothing to fear about. The important ingredient here is courage. If you have to courage to conquer your fear, then you may therefore be able to be brave in anything that you are afraid of. The same thing goes as well with the fear of spiders. Spider fear is ultimately conquerable; you just have to make sure you are brave enough.

The first thing that you have to do in order to go through the initials of the treatment is to mentally condition your mind first. This can be done gaining enough information about the thing that you fear the most. If you fear spiders, you must research about the facts about spiders, both good and bad sides. If you know all these things about spiders, you may be able to use the facts you have learned to move on to the next step of the process. The next process now then would be acceptance.

The next process is acceptance. Using all the information you have gathered, inclusive of both pros and cons, you may start reconditioning your mind and begin accepting the nature of spiders as they are omnipresent and you can't do anything about it. If you comprehend the entire nature of spiders, it may truly help to accept all sides of them. For example, if you know that there are only a few species of spiders that are poisonous, you wouldn't have to fear anymore the multitudes of spiders that are inside the house because you know that you wouldn't have to worry of being harmed of them anymore.

Next step after acceptance is exposure. You will never be able to get to know and numb yourself from your fear when you won't expose yourself to it. Make sure that you will forcibly condition yourself and your mind to face your fear on spiders by physically touching a spider's presence. Once you get used to it, you'll never have to freak out every time you see one anymore.
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