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More Myth Busters: The Myth About Venomous Spiders

Contrary to what most people thing about spiders, are actually docile creatures or at least most of the spiders are. They are not hostile and aggressive and the only time they do bite humans is when they feel threatened or hurt and that circumstance alone is hard to come by or very rare as they are usually found hanging in the ceiling, barely within human reach. One has to consider the apparent proximity between a person and a spider, before jumping right into the conclusion that spiders can really do harm you. Also, almost all spiders are totally harmless to humans. Most spider species don't have venoms that can seriously harm humans. There are only a single percent out of all the spider species in the world that can pose serious threat to humans because of their very potent venoms. These poisonous spiders usually carry neurotoxin venom which primarily attacks the nervous system of a person, which is also the reason why they are considered dangerous. However, these spiders are barely found wandering in households or in any human dwellings. Most likely they are found in deep jungles or rainforest, far from human interference. Although, there are certain very rare occasions that these poisonous spiders would find their way near to human habitation, these should mostly not bother you at all. Also, there is no spider venom in this world that doesn't have antivenom yet. Unless, of course if there's still a poisonous spider species that isn't discovered yet, then that would really makes things a bit different. But come to think of it, even so a discovery of a new species of poisonous spider is unearthed, that doesn't still change the fact that there is just so few species of spiders that can harm humans, thus making the possibility of contracting the venom from a newly found species of poisonous spiders virtually improbable.

Like what was said earlier, there are only very few species of spiders that are considered truly poisonous to human beings and that they are rarely found wandering in human dwellings (It's a different story if you live deep in a jungle or forest). They are so few that one could actually just identify and enumerate them all; so few, that there are actually just three of them that live on earth.

One of them is the black widow spider. Notorious and famous for its neurotoxins, they are perhaps the most commonly seen poisonous spider in the world. However, their existence itself is built on so many myths and misconceptions. Say for example, the belief that their neurotoxins are inevitably fatal. The truth is, a black widow's venom may be a very potent neurotoxin but it could only become fatal if it results to certain complications, especially if the person has histories of cardiac disorders or diseases. The effects of a black widow spider could immediately be dealt with the initial clinical procedures. It is imperative though to hospitalize the person bitten by a black widow so as not to take the risk at all. It's better to be sure now than to be dead later.

Another is the Sydney funnel web spider, which already have accumulated popularity due to some numbers of reported cases of fatality from its bite. However, a funnel web spider doesn't really target human beings as they prey on smaller creatures they can manage to devour. It is wrong to think that they would deliberately pay you a visit just to bite you contrary to what most people believe they would do.

Perhaps the most notorious and the sole master and supreme ruling species of the entire poisonous spider species in the world is the Brazilian wandering spider or the banana spider as what local people commonly call the spider. This spider holds the title of the most venomous spider in the world according to Guinness world book of records. A .006 milligram dosage of its venom is enough to kill a mouse instantly. And imagine each bite may inject a pack-full of venom; it wouldn't take much to kill a full grown adult. Without doubt, they are indeed poisonous and fatal, however, there are only very few of them in the world and they are endemically exclusive to a specific place in the world (You'd know what the place is by reading again its name). Therefore, the banana spider isn't that much of a threat to anyone at all unless if they all suddenly procreate rapidly, then your house is in danger of a visitation. And no matter how poisonous a wandering spider can be, it still has antivenom. Once administered right away to bitten individual, he will most certainly live to see through the rising of the sun in the next day.

There are other two poisonous spiders though that still is worth to fear but they don't have as much reputation as the three mentioned above. These two spiders are the brown recluse spider, easily recognizable by the brown fiddle shape figure in its back and the redback spider which happens to be a relative spider of the black widow, only that its red markings is on its back and not below of the abdomen. These spiders are feared, not because they can cause fatality, unlike the spiders mentioned above, however they cause severe health complications which makes them apparently dangerous as well.

This is the truth about spiders and the fear of them. The truth is that there's absolutely nothing to fear at all if you just sit around your house's corner, watching TV. Don't worry about getting killed with a bite because there's absolute one in a million chances you'll get bitten with one of those spiders you would really have to worry about. Just as long as you stay put and leave those poor spiders in peace, you would coexist harmoniously with the spiders. Next time you see a spider, just leave them be, they wouldn't be doing anything to you. Trust me when I say, they are more afraid of you than you are to them.
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